2012 Volunteer of the Year Award, Tanzania: Norbert Shayo!

YCI had a great year in Tanzania in 2012; the local staff and volunteers worked with 36 international youth volunteers on projects to bring positive change to their communities. In honour of those local volunteers, YCI is proud to recognize one outstanding Tanzanian volunteer: Norbert Shayo.

Norbert with his Volunteer of the Year certificate and prize winnings!

Norbert with his Volunteer of the Year certificate and prize winnings!

Tanzanian Volunteer of the Year award to Norbert Shayo.

Norbert became involved with the YCI program in Morogoro, Tanzania, in January 2012 and has been a regular volunteer with the program since June. Norbert has added immense value to the Morogoro program, working to facilitate each volunteer group and assisting them throughout every step of their projects. Norbert has been involved in lesson planning, supplies purchasing, teaching, and translating. He is always eager to lend a hand and is not one to stand on the sidelines. Norbert has also displayed considerable insight into the educational system, health care system, gender issues, culture, and other areas of the Tanzanian social fabric. This knowledge, as well as his in depth understanding of HIV issues specific to Tanzania and Morogoro, has been a considerable asset to the Morogoro branch of YCI.

Norbert has not only been involved in YCI activities, but is also very engaged with YCI’s partner in Morogoro, the Faraja Trust Fund, especially with it’s Home Based Care department (HBC).  Faraja is an organization in Morogoro that helps AIDS affected individuals, and HBC is  one of it’s many faucets run by volunteer counsellors and health care workers. In May, YCI Volunteers formally started the HBC Ambassadors program, which focuses on Positive Living skill building and helping the children and youth to build peer education skills so that they can be a resource and a role-model in the community. Norbert quickly took on the role of translator/co-facilitator for this activity and continued offering support and classes twice a month until October. Norbert showed remarkable dedication and creativity in supporting this group and is a fantastic role model thanks to his ever-positive attitude. Even though YCI has completed it’s program in Morogoro, Norbert has full intentions to continue with the Ambassadors program without the continued support of international volunteers.

Norbert is very ambitious individual with high hopes for his future. His ultimate dream is to open up a self-sustainable school in which school fees, supplies, and meals would all be paid for by income generated by the school farm and shops. In order to make his dream a reality, Norbert plans to start school in February to study Occupational Health and Safety in Dar Es Salaam. The money that he receives from his Volunteer Award will be put towards this venture.


Norbert receiving his Volunteer of the Year award certificate.


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