Ghana Volunteer of the Year 2012: Reindolf Chambas!

YCI was able to send 38 amazing youth volunteers and interns to Ghana in 2012 to work with local staff and local volunteers towards creating positive change in their communities. YCI is proud to recognize one of these outstanding local volunteers and to present the Ghanaian Volunteer of the Year award to Reindolf Chambas.



Reindolf Chambas is an enthusiastic and engaged local volunteer with the YMCA/YCI Mentorship program Ghana. His eagerness to participate in all program activities and his passion for community development are exceptional, as is his desire to provide support to other local and international volunteers throughout the program.

Reindolf is an engaging public communicator who can be relied upon to bring his eagerness and enthusiasm when engaging in all program activities. He has excellent communication skills and his passion for community development work is absolutely fantastic. Reindolf brings a lot of energy and has contributed to programs through suggesting innovative ways to carry out the community outreach programs to reach the most people possible. He quickly became a central pillar among the local youth volunteers supporting YCI ambassadors in their community outreach programs; during an HIV/AIDS outreach and testing campaign in the Sorodai community, Reindolf was instrumental in getting local community members to stop by off the street to get tested and receive information.  Over 100 people were tested for HIV on that day and more than 250 community members received HIV/AIDS information!

Reindolf also provided support to volunteers when they used the medium of film to educate members of the Zongo community on peaceful elections. Additionally, he was an active participant in the workshops conducted by YCI volunteers; his high level of knowledge and deep understanding in the various areas of the projects, as well as his interaction with volunteers during workshops, is highly commendable. Reindolf demonstrates great leadership skills and works excellently in a team environment.

As a result of his excellent communication skills, knowledge and motivation, Reindolf was invited to be one of the keynote speakers to a global student video conference on HIV/AIDS hosted by the Toronto based NGO, TakingITGlobal. He spoke before an audience of over 100 Canadian and American High School students during the video conference and did a fantastic job communicating a well researched and powerful message about the realities of HIV/AIDS in Koforidua, Ghana. He received excellent reviews from all parties involved.


Reindolf at the HIV/AIDS outreach in Sorodai community.



6 thoughts on “Ghana Volunteer of the Year 2012: Reindolf Chambas!

  1. I know Reindolf Chambas well. He is a wonderful youth who is bright and enthusiastic within his community. Having said that there are several other members of the YMCA Koforidua who have put countless hours of effort into making their community a better place. I would like to acknowledge DANIEL YEBOAH, TEDY KWABENA JOSEPH, RANSFORD MENSAH, SOLOMON NII MENSAH, GIFTY BAAH, EUNICE BOTWI for their SIGNIFICANT contributions to making their community’s growth and enriching the experiences of past volunteers, which I have seen on many occasions.

    • Thank you for your interest in YCI’s Volunteer of the Year Awards! We had a large pool of talent to choose from during 2012! Our call for nominations was posted on our website, blog and distributed through our communications channels (please find the blog post here: Nominations were open to anyone within the YCI Stakeholder community. and following nominations, YCI HQ in Toronto selected the international volunteer of the year, whereas our field offices selected local volunteers of the year. Keep your eyes open for the call for nominations next December so that you don’t miss out on the nomination process! Thanks Samantha!

  2. I have known Reindolf since January, 2009 in my capacity as the Deputy District Coordinating Director of the Jasikan District Assembly in the Volta Region of Ghana. I have engaged him on numerous assignments and he has excelled creditably. A brilliant, hardworking and disciplined young man with a humble beginning, Reindolf’s knack for community development using the power of IT is highly commendable. He is selfless and receptive to good counsel. A most deserving award!

  3. I believe that as a team we the trainees work hand in hand with the volunteers to help our comnunity…if reindolf is chosen n the effort of the other trainees n mentors isnt acknowledged then pardon me to say respect wasnt shown to us….most of us didnt work with chris n there re several workshops that reindolf hasnt been part of..if he xhibited some capabilities in the absence of some of us n was selected without the knowledge of any trainee or mentor n staff of yci ghana to make a conference call n has been honored based on a 6weeks prog with a volunteer,…..what about the effort of the mentors the traineess in past workshops n projects…..i think the entire team needs to b acknowledge….thanks

    • YCI values and appreciates all our volunteers and supporters and readily acknowledges all the hard work and dedication of our local YMCA partners in Ghana. There was a vast field of exceptional volunteers from which to choose our Ghanaian volunteer of the year, and it was difficult to choose only one! However, we are happy to recognize Reindolf and again we would like to thank all our local volunteers and supporters and encourage you to submit your nomination for Volunteer of the Year next year!

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