Packing for your trip to Ghana

What did you forget to pack that you wish you had with you?

When it comes to the list of items I wishes I could have packed the list could go for days.

The first thing that comes to my mind is SHOES! Because of the rough roads and streets in Ghana, it is important to have good shoes, such as sneakers or athletic sandals. Most of the ballerina flats and sandals that I brought look like they need to be thrown away and most have literally fallen apart. Most of the toiletry items one needs are available in the supermarket here, which is very convenient.


But if I had to start all over again I would definitely pack more shorts and work shirts. It is important to dress appropriately, especially for work.


The last item I wish I could have brought with me is more mosquito repellant. I’m not sure about the rest of Ghana, but here in Takoradi there are a lot of mosquitoes and we always have to make sure that our mosquito nets are securely in place. We actually went through a can of bug spray in less than 2 weeks! So far I have not managed to find another one to buy in the market, so I if I could go back, I would have packed more with me.

Other than those few items, all the things I need are available to buy here in the local supermarkets.

– Afua Helena Kojo, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2013


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