Ghana Update: From Korforidua to Accra

I’d like to take the time to talk about some of the fun I have been having in my downtime here in Ghana. This weekend my YCI partner and I travelled to Accra for a impromptu Leadership conference, as well as some beach-time.  I got the opportunity to speak to an inspiring student organization in Ghana called ENACTUS [which is actually one of YCI’s newest partner organizations in Ghana]. I was able to share my experience as a student in post-secondary education to the students. The bright young minds in the room were overwhelming. Their drive, their questions and their passion was inspirational.


Leigh presenting

After the conference we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing on the beach and soaking up Ghanaian culture in the big city. Accra seemed like a different world compared to Koforidua. Its hustle bustle was not just in the center of town, but existed everywhere…with much more Western flare.


Marlee and Leigh

Accra is a fantastic spot if you are a beach lover like myself. It has many to offer and they are all gorgeous. Labadi Beach is my favorite so far, but I hope to check out more before I leave Ghana. There’s something for everyone at Labadi – horse rides on the coast, restaurants and bars, lounge chairs, shops, chop houses, and of course many people selling beads, paintings and other souvenirs. I might just do all of my shopping from a horizontal position in the sand. One thing you have to watch out for are the huge waves the Ghanaian coast has; strong enough to pull you right out to sea.


Labadi Beach – horse ride anyone?

Night life in Ghana is amazing. The music is vibrant and there are many ex-pats living here. Living in Koftown, I sometimes feel like the only white person for miles, but in Accra I was nothing special. Individuals from around the world flock to the capital city on business, as well as for pleasure.

I also must make a quick note about the bead markets on Thursdays in Koforidua. Every Thursdays, vendors come from all over the Eastern Region to sell their beautiful beads. They are authentic, and hand crafted so we have been told some of the best in Ghana. Its hard to choose your favorites since they are all so gorgeous but its best to look before you make impulsive purchases or you will go home with a lighter wallet.


Beautiful beads from the Bead Market in Korforidua

March 6th is Independence Day in Ghana and we plan on going to Accra for the day to join in the celebrations. Although Koforidua is a relaxing, laid back place to be, Accra seems to be appropriate for this occasion. I will be sure to give an update as to how it goes! Also on the agenda for travel is Takoradi, to visit the other  city that hosts YCI volunteers, as well as Cape Coast to see the slave castles. 6 weeks has never felt so short!

– Leigh Matassa, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2013


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