New YCI Intern: Welcome Somera

Youth Challenge International is pleased to welcome Somera Muzaffar to the YCI headquarters in Toronto as the new Social Media and Communications Intern. Somera comes to YCI with a broad range of volunteer experiences. She has done everything from volunteering as a tutor, research assistant, grief counselor, to even a special events intern. The only thing remaining on Somera’s volunteering-to-do-list is volunteering abroad. Somera is a recent graduate of University of Toronto, where she completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Political Science and Sociology. Welcome aboard Somera!


Somera is all smiles in front of the Christmas tree

I am thrilled to take on the role of the Social Media and Communications Intern at YCI. Within this role, I am responsible for generating content for the YCI blog, YCI facebook page, and YCI twitter account. This position entails both creativity and research. I get to be creative by writing youth-friendly tweets that span a variety of topics. Everything from Thanksgiving to pop culture, and relevant International Development news is fair game. Considering I am a novice when it comes to tweeting, I have to say that it’s quickly become one of my favourite tasks. As well, the research component of this position is very engaging. When generating social media content, I read various newspapers, blogs, and surf travel websites for the latest travel tips.

So, how did I first learn about YCI? Well, I met YCI’s former intern, Christopher Sharpe at a university summer job fair. I sent him an email soon after and he was kind enough to connect me with Amanda Armstrong (Volunteer Program Coordinator) for an information interview. It was this chance meeting with Chris that brought me to YCI. So, what’s the take home message here? Never shy away from networking.

My interest in international development and particularly YCI derives mainly from how impressed I am with youth who exercise agency to improve their lives and the lives of others. From the young baker in Romania who runs a bakery to supplement her parents income to the many YCI volunteers raising vast amounts of money for their volunteer projects. I am motivated by such people. And to this day, I’m still motivated by my High School teacher sharing the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”. This proverb is very relevant to my goals since I not only want to help people, but I want to help people sustain self-sufficiency.

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching movies, skiing terribly, walking aimlessly around Toronto, hanging out with my niece and obsessively reading celebrity blogs.


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