Help YCI Go the Extra Mile!

Help YCI Go the Extra Mile with Aeroplan!

Youth Challenge International (YCI) has launched it’s second Go the Extra Mile Campaign in partnership with Aeroplan! Donate your extra Aeroplan Miles to YCI and help support YCI’s youth development programs. YCI has one-month- May 20 to June 18, 2013– to raise our target goal of 500,000 miles and Aeroplan will top up 10%.

How to donate my Aeroplan Miles?

Donating your Aeroplan Miles is easy! Click HERE to donate online now!

What are you going to do with my Miles?

Donated Aeroplan Miles will be used for staff travel to partner locations in order to implement ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. YCI will also use Aeroplan Miles to enable outstanding young volunteers to travel overseas to donate their time to help build communities and leaders through global youth development.

Go the Extra Mile Fun Facts

  • This is YCI’s second Aeroplan Mile Campaign. Last year we raised more than 500,000 Miles and we started a scholarship program for exceptional volunteers to apply for flight support to participate in YCI programs with those Miles.
  • Kristy Tomkinson was awarded one of our Go the Extra Mile Aeroplan Scholarships last year.  Check out her video to learn how she was able to Go the Extra Mile 
  • Marlee Jordan was also awarded a Go the Extra Mile Aeroplan Scholarship last year. Check out her blog post!
  • In 2012, our volunteers travelled 423 979 miles to volunteer their time on project. It is 238,857 miles to the Moon. Our volunteers have gone to the moon and back with YCI, help them go further!

Thank you for donating you extra Aeroplan Miles!! 


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