How much change can you make for $1.75?


Youth Challenge International is excited to announce our new partnership with Live Below the Line!

Live Below the Line raises funds and awareness for 1.4 billion people around the world who live below the poverty line. We hear the term extreme poverty quite often, but what does this really mean? How does this affect lives globally? Now is your chance to find out!

The question is:

Are you ready for the challenge?

By signing up for Live Below the Line you can challenge yourself to live on $1.75/day for food and drink for 5 consecutive days anytime before June 30th. That’s $8.75 in total for all of your food and drink.

Think you can do it? Join YCI staff, volunteers and board members!

From June 3-7th, the entire YCI HQ staff will be participating, blogging and raising awareness as part of Live Below the Line. To challenge ourselves even further the YCI staff have set some goals.

YCI Will Match Your Fundraising with Extra Days Living Below the Line:

If you help us reach our $5000 fundraising target, YCI Headquarters will Live Below the Line for an ADDITIONAL day.

YCI Will Volunteer Locally:

If you help us reach our $10,000 fundraising target, the entire YCI headquarters will volunteer at a food bank for a day.

YOU Decide What the YCI Staff Will Do:

If you help us reach our $20 000 maximum fundraising target, YOU will decide what activity you want to see the YCI staff participate in. Whether it’s dressing up as bunnies and walking around the streets of Toronto or hosting a party for all of our fundraisers, your opinion counts in this important matter. As we approach our goal, we’ll be soliciting tweets for your opinion!

Think you can join us? Only one question remains:

How Much Change Can You Make From $1.75?

Sign up here 

To learn more about Live Below the Line check out:


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