Half the Fun

Carly Court was a volunteer in Guatemala with YCI in 2010 and then returned to the Toronto office in January 2013 as YCI’s Volunteer Program Assistant. She recently arrived in Mwanza as a Youth Innovator to support YCI’s partners. Read about Carly’s experience in Tanzania by following her blog The New Smart.

“Travelling alone. As a girl. In East Africa.

If you want a genuine reaction when you are informing people about your upcoming travel plans, open with the latter statement.

Shock value aside, there are considerable challenges and rewards that come with working alone as a YCI Innovator. This is especially true when working in a city that is new to both yourself and the organization you are representing. YCI’s programming is still relatively recent here in Mwanza, as there has only been one YCI volunteer here before me. Partnerships with local organizations are still fresh and developing. Speaking of developing, my YCI in-country Program Manager and I are still learning how to navigate Mwanza’s dala-dala interpretation of public transportation. So far, all things considered, I have encountered many challenges- from coordinating and scheduling trainings, to finding someone to hang out with during my time off. But one of the true joys of travelling and volunteering abroad is turning challenges into adventures, and adventures into rewarding experiences and memories

Carly's on-field blog 1

Mwanza, Tanzania


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