How to “Keep the Fun in Fundraising”


Fundraising 101-Tips In Thinking About Your Fundraiser

Don't forget to smile while soliciting in-person donations.

Don’t forget to smile while soliciting in-person donations.

Hello YCI Fundraisers!

Fundraising can feel daunting at first, yet this goal is absolutely attainable through passion, focus and some hard-work! One thing that is very important is to make sure you keep the fun in fundraising! If you integrate things you love doing within your fundraising strategy, you are bound to succeed. Passion goes a long way! To help YCI volunteers meet their targets and rethink their fundraising strategies I’ll be releasing one fundraising ideas on a regular basis!

Tip #1: Networks

Many people think fundraising is traditionally going door-to-door or cold calling strangers, but it can be much more focused then that. People who already know you are your biggest supporters. Take the time to sit down with your computer or old fashioned pen and paper and write down the names of your immediate networks (family and close friends). This immediate networks list is who your target audience should be for your first fundraising initiative. After making this list, make another list of clubs, teams, schools, or organizations you are a part of. This second list is a stepping stone for all of your possible partnerships in creating a fundraiser that reaches a larger audience.

So, it’s just that easy to start off. Dedicate 10-20 minutes towards brainstorming and you’ll be on your way in forming a successful fundraiser.

So, until next time.

Your Fundraising Guru, Ali Jenkins


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