Fundraising Tip #2: Say Thank-You!

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Gratitude is always in style. Before you kick off your campaign, think about how you will say thank-you. The manner in which you thank your donors says a lot about you, your professionalism, and can even help you gain more sponsors!

Always remember the 3-step thank-you!

  1. Personally thank your donor
  2. Publically thank your donor (unless they want to remain anonymous)
  3. Hand write thank-you cards or e-cards

Step 1:

If someone donates to your fundraising campaign, first and foremost contact him or her personally by phone or in person to thank them for their contribution. Personal methods of contact show that you appreciate their individual support and also gives you the opportunity to tell them more about what their contribution is helping you achieve.

Step 2:

Thanking your donors is an opportunity to provide your fundraising campaign with more publicity! Don’t be afraid to flaunt your success and gratitude all at once. A public thank-you to your donor through a Facebook post, Tweet, or other method of social media is a great way to show your gratitude as well as link potential donors back to your fundraising campaign.

Step 3:

Call me old fashioned, but receiving a card rather than a bill in the mail is always exciting. Better yet, if you are creative, you can design a thank-you card that reflects your project! It’s up to you whether you write your thank-you cards before or after you go on your project, but I think writing them after is a great way to tell your donors how amazing your experience was and that without their support it would never have become a reality!

Your Fundraising Guru, Ali Jenkins


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