Fundraising Tip #3: Item Donations and Fundraising Support

This week’s tip was inspired by an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial volunteer who’s innovative fundraising ideas focused on more than money to get things going.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 4.42.39 PM

Tip #3: More than Money

As you begin your fundraising campaign you must remember that donations can be more than money! There are many different types of donations that are essential to your campaign’s success. Time and materials are just as important as dollars!

Many of your closest supporters may be able to provide more time and resources to you than finances. Embrace these donations and use them to your advantage!

For example, if you are having a barbeque fundraiser, see if local grocery stores will donate food. If you are starting a small jewelry or craft business see if a local arts store can donate supplies.  These donations minimize your costs, allowing the focus to be on your fundraising!

Donations of time or skills are just as important! Your friends may be able to design a poster for your fundraising event or help you set-up for your fundraiser. Although you are fundraising for an independent project, fundraising is not necessarily an independent activity. So, use your support network in any way that you can, show your gratitude, and return the favour when you see fit!

Your Fundraising Guru, Ali Jenkins


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