A Synergistic new partnership for YCI: IT4Teens and YCI join forces to empower Ghanaian Youth

I am pleased to announce that IT4Teens has joined forces with YCI and the YMCA Takoradi and developed an online networking forum as a sustainability project after the conference.

About IT4Teens: IT4Teens is a Takoradi based Information Technology Company designed to equip youth with valuable technical computer skills. They arrange FREE IT training for all youth who want to learn in order to provide a foundational knowledge of this vital skill, which they have claimed is becoming a right; “The IT4Teens Club is an IT Mentorship training centre in Takoradi. The IT4Teens Club provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from the society work with adult mentors to explore their ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in them through the use of technology.”

For more information visit their website and facebook.

IT4Teens Club Members in the lab

IT4Teens Club Members in the lab

How IT4Teens has supported YCI:

The forum: It4Teens collaborated with YCI to create an online forum where conference attendees and other community leaders interested in being a part of the local business network can meet to chat, share ideas and link up.

Here is a sneak peek of what we have written and envision for the future of the forum:

Mission: The forum intends to act as a broker to connect individuals with the resources they need through sharing and exchanging skills and knowledge to develop and sustain businesses in Ghana. Community Leader’s Forum provides a platform that promotes collective community development through co-operation and collaboration to empower Ghana’s youth.

Vision: By creating a cooperative network of ambitious individuals working towards a unified goal, we believe the forum can act as a vehicle to drive positive change and create long-term, sustainable economic development in Ghana.

Take a peek at our website and feel free to get involved in the conversation!

Website: www.communityleadersforum.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/communityleadersforum

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leaders_info

IT4Teens computer lab

IT4Teens computer lab

YCI & IT4Teens: A mutually beneficial relationship

With the dynamism of the technology industry and the uncapped potential for growth, IT is a relevant and valuable skill. Many entrepreneurs have expressed interest in learning to use the computer to support their businesses but do not have access, time or money to do so. The ability for our entrepreneurs to be able to come into IT4Teens and use the computer facilities here and receive formal training, free of charge will be a sustainable way to create value for their businesses now and into the future.  IT4Teens has kindly agreed to collaborate to IT training sessions for the entrepreneurs to integrate computer skill into the 4 week workshop plan.

IT4Teens has just moved onto the semi- finals for the People’s Choice Awards put on by Reach for Change Africa, a non-profit dedicated to supporting and developing social enterprises in Africa. The contest winners will be given $25,000 USD, placed in an incubator program and will be given assistance to grow and expand their existing operations to continue empowering the youth of Africa. IT4Teens will need to create a 5 year business plan and present the business model to a panel of judges, similar to Dragon’s Den in order to prove that their business is viable.

I was able to work with It4Teens to develop a financial funding model and sustainability plan to prove that their future impact will be greatly enhanced through the provision of funds. I had worked on a similar project (financial funding model) last summer at Deloitte, doing pro bono work for an NGO client who was looking to become a social enterprise. It was really exciting to be able to work on a similar project after having more knowledge and experience working in the NGO/social enterprise space- I felt like I had a better understanding and experience to suggest what I thought would work and not work. I enjoyed being able to combine my passion for business and social impact in a practical way to help IT4Teens with their sustainability plan.

Kayleigh with one of the IT4Teens Club members

Kayleigh with one of the IT4Teens Club members

Thank You so much IT4Teens, We couldn’t have done it without you!

– Kayleigh Gaspari, Youth Leadership Team, Ghana 2013


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