#DoSomethingThatMatters Scholarship Available for Ghana!

YCI is pleased to announce $1,000 scholarships for our 4-week project in Kumasi, Ghana this Fall.

YCI will award scholarships to three exceptional young Canadians aged 18-30 with a demonstrated commitment to their communities. The scholarships are intended to offer young leaders with the opportunity to turn positive civic involvement into global action. Since 1989, YCI has provided more than 3,500 youth with the opportunity to develop substantive leadership skills and create positive change in their global and local communities.

1. Eligibility criteria:
• Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age
• Applicants must be applying for YCI’s fall project in Ghana (Oct 28- Nov 25, 2013)
• Scholarships must be used towards the Ghana program
Scholarships will be awarded to new applicants only

2. Scholarship entries must be submitted alongside an online application: 
Submit an online application at http://yci.org/html/volunteer/globally/applynow.asp.

3. Tell us in 80 characters or less, why it’s important for youth to #DoSomethingThatMatters.
We’ll tweet our favourites via @YouthChallenge, but you can tweet your own first using #DoSomethingThatMatters

4. Send us a picture of something that inspires you to #DoSomethingThatMatters*
Suggestion 1. Take a photo of a youth led event
Suggestion 2. Take a photo of peer-to-peer engagement or youth mentorship
Suggestion 3. Take a photo of an inspirational message in your community

*All photos must be original content. Please send photos to generalinfo@yci.org

All scholarship applications are due by September 9, 2013


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