Boti and Aka Falls: Celebrating My Birthday in Ghana

It has been two weeks since our group arrived in Ghana.

In just two weeks, I have met so many interesting people and have already gotten the opportunity to experience the beauty of this country. This year I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday in Ghana. From the outset I knew that this was going to be a different and exciting new experience for me and one I greatly anticipated. The highlight of the weekend was a Saturday day trip to Boti Falls.

Yurii at Boti Falls

Yurii at Boti Falls

Our gracious homestay mother, Mama Inima, organized the trip for us and decided to come along for the ride. After a bumpy thirty minute drive we had arrived at our destination. My fellow partners, Rob and Candace, and I had been anticipating a visit to these falls since we arrived in Koforidua. The twin falls were truly a sight to behold. After about half an hour of taking pictures we decided to take the long hike to the infamous umbrella rock. The grueling hour long journey proved to be worth it, as we were able to take advantage of the lush green Ghanaian landscape.

So our day seemed to come to an end, but was it really over?  The answer is no. While on the way home we made an unexpected stop at another waterfall in the area called the Aka Falls. These falls were nestled away in the jungle and were just as spectacular as Boti Falls. After another half an hour long photo session our day had finally come to an end.


View from the hike to Umbrella Rock

After a week of hard work and Financial Literacy workshops this was the perfect way to end the week.  Overall, this was a birthday weekend I will never forget.

I would like to recommend that future volunteers take advantage of any opportunity they get to see the beauty of this country. It is still early in our 12-week project and so hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to continue to explore Ghana and its many attractions and landmarks. But for now it is time to prepare for another week of research and workshops. Until next time…

– Yurii Malakhov, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2013

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