Walking in a Ghanaian Wonderland

From water sachets to our workshops, everything has been great so far.

Talking about a water sachet may be a weird place to start, but it helps to unlock the way everything has gone so far. Water sachets on first glance are very interesting and curious items. They are new to me, can be fun to play with (and indeed, a bag of 30 sachets broke when I was carrying it for the first time) and are ultimately refreshing and a very important part of daily life here.

Ghana so far has been very interesting and fun. It is also still incredibly new to me and a refreshing change from life at home. From watching football matches in an old sea container with a TV set up inside, to sitting in a tro-tro for four hours down something that apparently qualifies as a road, Ghana has been full of surprises and I am greatly enjoying my time here.

We have done three workshops so far, one on financial literacy for young girls, where we went to four different schools in Koforidua, a second one on gender for members of ENACTUS, a local student organization, and one on monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing and report writing for a coalition of health NGOs. Regardless of how important the information is, the most important thing I have taken away from the workshops so far has been how enthusiastic many of the participants have been. Many of the people have enjoyed the workshops and were really pleased to have taken part in them. This makes our jobs as facilitators a lot easier and more fun.

Participants working on developing a Log Frame Analysis

Participants working on developing a Log Frame Analysis

We’ve also gone on trips to Boti and Akaa Falls, hiked to the Umbrella Rock and spent a day in Kumasi, where we went to an Ashanti Palace and attended a wedding. If there is one thing these side trips have taught me, it is that everything is part of the experience.  From the bumpy roads to getting the jump seat on the wheel well in a Tro Tro, it may not be the most comfortable thing, but who cares! In a weird way it’s kind of fun and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

Danger! No Swimming at Boti Falls

Danger! No Swimming at Boti Falls

So, like a water sachet (which I am totally bringing back to Canada as a thing), Ghana has been something new and unique for me and I am enjoying everything about being here. We’re heading to Takoradi in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see what new experiences await us there.

– Robert Rankin, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2013

To read more about YCI‘s programs in Ghana, click here. YCI is currently recruiting for our Winter projects! Check out our Program Planner.  


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