Appreciating our Volunteers this International Volunteer Day!

YCI would like to thank all its volunteers for their dedication to volunteerism and recognize them for their deep commitment to youth development. The work we are able to do in Central America, South America, and Africa would not be possible without the passion and hard work of our wonderful volunteers.

A big thank you to all the volunteers below for their active global citizenship as participants on YCI projects this past year:

Abbi MacDonald, Abeer Saeed, Abigail Feagan, Afua Helena Kojo, Alec Lynch, Alyssa McDonald, Amber Lloyd, Andrea Sabelli, Aurora Herrera, Bhabi Lal Neupane, Bhreagh Bauer, Candace Westman, Catherine Torelli, Christine Hunter, Connor Lyons, Crystal Campbell-Frost, Danielle New, Dylan Bub, Edward Forster, Emily Royer, Emma Luker, Hyuma Frankowski, Ian Chow, Jessica Jackel, Jessica O’Reilly, Jiaqi Chen, Jordan MacKenzie, Justeen De Ocampo, Kaleigh Killoran, Kathleen Wang, Kayla Kozan, Kayla Szlovicsak, Kayleigh Gaspari, Kevin Kim, Kingston Fan, Kristel Torrellas, Leigh Matassa, Linden Deathe, Madhab Prasad Bastakoti, Maralyne Narayan, Marc Woons, Margaret (Meg) McCarthy, Marie-France Chasse, Marlee Jordan, Matt Lam, May El Ali, Meredith Radke, Moon Ghimire, Najme Kishani Farahani, Natasha Nakashuk, Neginah Darya, Ngoc Nguyen, Olivia Marshman, Olivia Vihant, Rachelle McGrath, Rajan Basi, Rasna Sherchan, Rebeccah McKinnon, Robert Rankin, Ruby Sniderman, Samantha Skinner, Shalisha Samuel, Shanna Sunley, Sheryne Lorde, Shivani Achrekar, Stephanie Hanson, Stephanie Liauw, Tamara Webber, Tomas Whillans, Veronique Morel, Vicky Au, Yurii Malakhov, Zhen Lu

Special mentions to Carly Court, Kristy Tomkinson, Linden Deathe and Mara Pratt who went abroad with us for a second time this year, and to Lisa D’Alimonte who represented YCI overseas for the fourth time! We truly salute your passion and your deep commitment to make a global impact.

To honour our volunteers on this International Volunteer Day, we are organizing a Celebrating Volunteerism event tonight in collaboration with OCIC. The event will feature stories of YCI’s global leaders. Read more details here and click here for the profiles of our amazing speakers.

See you there!

– Kiran and the YCI team


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