First Accomplishment!

Since the time we met with the YCI Ghana and Enactus Ghana teams and had discussions about our project works, we were very much excited to kick off our work.  After spending a couple of days in developing a communication tool for the smooth communication between Enactus and its teams, we remained busy preparing for Monitoring & Evaluation System Implementation workshop scheduled for November 6, 2013. We were in anticipation to interact with the tertiary level students from various Universities and Polytechnics. We were eager to hear about their experiences from the field.

Participants attending workshop

Participants attending workshop

On the day of November 6, we were happy to see the participants full of excitement at the Enactus hall. It was interesting to see some participants in their local costumes, which reflected their attachment to their culture. Though we had attended several international workshops on development issues, it was our first international workshop as facilitators in a different context: new place, new environment and all university students as participants. The workshop started with an exciting icebreaker as participants introduced their partner in an interesting way. The workshop was divided into two sessions: the first session was more focused on presentation whereas the second session after the lunch was centered on participants’ sharing of their project experiences. Overall, the workshop was interactive and participatory.

One of the participants presenting during the workshop

One of the participants presenting during the workshop

During the workshop, it was noticeable that the participants were fully motivated to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves as well as for the people of their community. Indeed, the role of Enactus in creating a platform for potential youth to empower themselves as well as others is highly commendable.

Bhabi and Madhab with the workshop participants

Bhabi and Madhab with the workshop participants

We believe the interaction on M & E tools and techniques and how to use them in the monitoring and evaluation of projects will be useful for both the teams and Enactus Ghana to systematically track and record their project activities and use them for future assessment and reflection.

– Bhabi Neupane & Madhab Bastakoti, Humber Youth Leadership Team, Ghana, 2013 

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YCI is currently recruiting for a number of projects this Winter – check out our Program Calendar for more information!


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