YCI’s Volunteer of the Year Nominations are Open!

YCI’s annual Volunteer of the Year Awards are held in recognition of youth who have demonstrated exceptional performance and skills while volunteering on YCI’s international developmental programs and have continued to be actively involved in  volunteer activities in their local community.

YCI would like to continue this tradition of acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and dedication of its volunteers by inviting you to send your nominations for our eighth YCI Volunteer of the Year award. This year, we are calling for two sets of nominations, for both exceptional international and exceptional local volunteers.


  1. The candidate must have volunteered overseas with YCI within the past year January 1, to December 31 2014. (This is for both Canadian and local volunteers)
  2. The candidate must demonstrate active and continued involvement in community volunteer activities
  3. The candidate must demonstrate characteristics of global citizenship—including respects and values diversity, and the willingness to act for equity and sustainability

Nominations can come from anyone within the YCI stakeholder community (e.g., YCI volunteers, local volunteers, alumni, local partner staff, YCI field staff, local Board Members). You can nominate more than one person. A combined team of YCI staff at HQ, board members and alumni volunteers will make the final selection for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

To nominate an individual, please choose the appropriate category and submit short answers (max. 50 words per question) to the following questions by January 31, 2014 to intern@yci.org:

1.     Category: Local or International volunteer

2.     Relationship of nominator to the nominee

3.     Describe the impact of the nominee’s contribution while on project with YCI

4.     Describe the impact of the nominee’s contributions at home in their local community

5.     How has the nominee shown demonstrated integrity and professionalism?

6.     How has the nominee been an inspiration for others?


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