LEADER Team Second Update: Q & A


Meet Benedict. Like many Ghanaians, Benedict has a day job – working with our local partner, the Entrepreneurship Training Institute, as a successful Account Officer. But also like many Ghanaians, Benedict dreams of someday starting his own business to help both his family and his community. Benedict is also currently a student with the LEADER Project’s entrepreneurship course and was one of the first students to participate in our one-on-one coaching sessions for entrepreneurs.


Q: Tell us about your background and what inspired you to start a business?


My mom is a physician assistant so she has a medical background. I have realized that first aid is a necessity and a requirement by law, but not many people or businesses are fulfilling this. Therefore, my business idea is to sell first aid kits and provide first aid training. I see that there is a need for this product that everyone wants but the product does not exist.


Q: How have you found the LEADER Project to be helpful?


Initially I thought entrepreneurs are people who have lots of money or a big business but I see now that you just have to prioritize and start with what you have. Looking for opportunities – especially with today’s cases – these are not things that people in Ghana would have thought of. Now I see all of these problems as opportunities.


Q. What does success look like for you and your company?


Success would mean a lot – just the fact that people mention your name and say “this is a thing Benedict is doing” would mean a lot. Success also means that people are safe in their house. If people have first aid in their house, they can tackle medical problem like bleeding before getting medical personnel, which can be expensive.


Q. What is some advice you would give other entrepreneurs?


It’s really not about money; it’s about getting the idea. Being an entrepreneur means looking for a problem you can solve.


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