By: Aleatha Bedard-Poole

When I mention my upcoming trip, the second most common question (first being where is Ghana?)  is – why? What follows the “why” varies but answering this question can be quite difficult to articulate.

There are a few conscious drivers: opportunity to travel, exposure to other cultures, resume building, need for a change in day-to-day and addressing youth issues.  Digging deeper, what caused me to act and engage with Youth Challenge International? As a relatively recent grad, I feel strongly about continuous improvement and learning outside of the classroom.  After attending Leadercast this spring, the day was focused on Beyond You leadership and Andy Stanley provided a suggestion that really resonated with me.  It was the concept of “emptying your cup,” an effort of doing all that you can to help others succeed (especially those you fear will surpass you!).

Treading in the deep end of the 20 something pool, it is easy to doubt yourself amongst your highly successful peers, more over believing that you actually have something to offer.  Inspired by the event, I began my search for an opportunity to leverage my current education and experience by sharing it with others in an effort to help foster youth entrepreneurship.

The focus on youth entrepreneurship is majorly driven by the positive impact a small business owner had on me. A leader in her family, business and community, she helped instill a strong work ethic and customer centric mentality that has been a significant contributor to my successes.  She effectively “emptied her cup” for me and it is now my turn to start doing the same!

We are all leaders and have the capacity to be great leaders by fearlessly empowering others around us! Hopefully this post helps answer the why and what motivates me!

Aleatha Bedard-Poole worked as a YCI Youth Ambassador during the summer of 2014. This post was written before her departure for Ghana.

To learn more about YCI’s Youth Ambassador programs in Ghana, check out our program calendar.


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