From the Field: Adapting to Changes

By: Sabrina Blais

Sabrina blog photo

I arrived in Tanzania less than one week ago, where at past midnight I finally had access to a bed after two long days of flights and waiting in airports. A couple of hours later, I was on the beautiful little island east of the main land called Zanzibar, after a 2 hour ferry ride that made me wanted to jump in the deep cobalt water surrounding me. Hujambo! Karibu! were the things I could hear all around me, everyone welcoming me to their country. And that describes how the Zanzibaris are; friendly and welcoming. The beautiful landscape makes you feel like you’ve just been sent into a postcard. I find it difficult to adapt to the fact that everything – the perpetual heat, the food, the culture, how things are done here, the language I can’t understand more than 10 words of – is so different from home. But I guess I just need to give myself some time, after all, I have been here for only 5 days and I still have 4 weeks to get along with all that. I am here to teach a four-week introductory French class, so people attending my classes can be better suited for a job in the tourism industry, and be more employable. As I anticipated the first class, I had trouble planning it because I realized how hard it would be to teach a language I know so well to people that know nothing about it. I didn’t know where to start, if what I planned was too difficult or too easy, and as it is the first French class given by YCI / Labayka, nobody could help me with it. Many questions later and after much online research, here we are! This morning, I just gave my first class! I think it went pretty well and people seem eager to learn, which is really great! We’ll see tomorrow if there is anything they recall from their first lesson! Hakuna matata!

Sabrina Blais is a YCI Youth Ambassador currently working in  Zanzibar, Tanzania.

To learn more about YCI’s Ambassador programs and how you can get involved, visit our program calendar!



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