Staff Spotlight: William Appiah


William Appiah is my name and I’ve been working with Youth Challenge International as the Program Coordinator for the Eastern Region of Ghana for the past eight months. As the program coordinator, I contribute to the development of an annual work plan for the country, contribute to the designing of projects, facilitate the implementation of the annual work plan and am directly in charge of volunteers in the Eastern Region, Koforidua. Also, I prepare reports on all projects implemented in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Having studied marketing management for my Bachelor’s degree and having worked with a lot of youth in Ghana in the area of community development, my interest in youth work was whipped up to explore more youth-focused projects and this ultimately landed me in YCI Ghana. As the adage goes “the more you live the more you learn,” I have come to realize that most young people are not focused. They simply don’t have a direction in life which usually leads to unemployment and dissatisfaction even for those who are employed. I will advise the youth to be focused and work towards their goals.

Unemployment is the biggest issue facing young people in Ghana, but I believe young people can still create jobs to employ others. As for young people who are interested in international development, they should learn to adapt to different cultures and be prepared to learn from local people. There is still a lot that young people can do since the future belongs to us (the youth), therefore, they should be the center of all development work so that they can also explore their full potential. I believe YCI will provide many youth with the opportunity to explore their potentials and to become greater people in the future. Long live YCI!


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