Update from the ‘All Girls Summit’ in Takoradi, Ghana

By: Claire Whitty, Jillian Head and Caroline Kent

On Thursday November 27th, we held the All Girls Summit at the YMCA Vocational School in Takoradi. Girls from Nana Brempong Public School, Jaycris International Education Centre and the YMCA Vocational School gathered together to share their ideas and launch their projects

Ghana photo 3

The project team from Jaycris

The girls participated in a series of workshops based on the 2010-2015 MDGs, public speaking, confidence-building and leadership. They put these skills to use by implementing a project within their schools based off of an MDG. Three of the 4 groups chose Environmental Sustainability. The other groups focused on Improving Maternal Health, Combatting Malaria and Cholera and Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger.

The girls presented their projects with confidence and clarity. Each project proved interesting and held potential. For example, the group from Nana Brempong that focused on Environmental Sustainability had already created and dispersed dust bins to each classroom in their school. The group from Jaycris that focused on Combatting Malaria and Cholera had numerous products meant to prevent their community from contracting the diseases. All of the participants had clearly thought about what needed to done in their community to help their chosen MDG. They were also beginning to design and implement ways in which they could help.

ghana photo 1

Our “invited guests” table

We had a guest speaker, Henrietta, from the Ghana Education Services. She is the Girl Child Co-ordinator at the GES, who works to encourage Ghanaian girls to attend school. We were inspired by her talk given at the SHEP Co-ordinators workshop in October. Therefore, we thought she would be an excellent motivator for the participants. She spoke of the importance of women leaders within the diverse communities of Ghana. We also had women from African Women International attend, as well as some representatives from the Head of State. All of our invited guests offered advice and support to the girls.

Furthermore, we had a student speak who had participated in the project last year, Christabel. She was incredibly inspiring and spoke of how the project had improved her as a person. She even stated that she had found the “real her” through her participation in this venture. She seemed to give hope to the current participants that they can also succeed within this project, as well as become leaders within their communities.

Ghana photo 2

The entire group of attendees and participants

Overall, each project plan seemed promising. The girls had visibly benefited from the workshops given. They seemed enthusiastic about their projects and we are confident that they will continue to improve and implement their ideas within their schools.

Claire, Caroline and Jillian are Youth Ambassadors currently working with YCI in Takoradi, Ghana.
To learn more about YCI’s ambassador programs in Ghana, Tanzania, and Costa Rica, check out our program calendar.


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