Meet Our SHIFT25 Youth Facilitators!

 Ali Taiyeb– Connect Zone Facilitator Ali_Taiyeb

Come participate in Ali’s Connect Zone to gain a hands-on introduction to the world of hackathons!

Ali Taiyeb has diverse experience in the public and non-profit sector leading strategic partnership opportunities with Fortune 100-500 clients. Ali is highly involved in facilitating hackathons, where key players in the tech, international development and other innovative fields come together to create solutions using collaborative problem solving and rapid prototyping of ideas. He is most known for his involvement in Pakathon, an international hackathon focused on creating solutions to the issues that Pakistan faces.

Visit Ali’s LinkedIn Page to learn more!

Anita Wing Lee– Impact Zone Facilitator

Anita Headshot

Come check out Anita’s interactive Impact Zone to learn about youth entrepreneurship and employment, and discover how to turn your passion into your dream job!

Anita Wing Lee is an inspiring young dream launcher and proud YCI alumnus. After landing unheard-of, paid, travel internships in university and then still scoring her dream job, she knows it’s truly possible to turn your passion into your career.

As a transformational coach, she helps ambitious millennials, young professionals, students and aspiring change makers to find their passion, launch a successful and FUN career making difference and get paid to do what you believe in & love.

Check out Anita’s Website for more information!

Mustafa the Poet– Inspire Zone Facilitator

Mustafa Headshot

 Come unleash your own creativity and be inspired by the power of art in Mustafa’s Impact Zone!

Mustafa Ahmed is a 18-year-old spoken word artist, actor and emcee from Regent Park. Writing from the mere age of 10, Mustafa has utilized this tool of words to help express the different things he witnesses within society. It was after a feature in 2009 in a Toronto Star article that he exploded onto the arts scene to continue to share his words. Coming from North America’s first and largest existing housing project, Mustafa has been a witness to the changes and gentrification of his neighbourhood. He utilizes the power of the arts to speak and demonstrate his understanding of the intricacies of communities like his, touching upon topics such as youth empowerment, mental health, Islam, immigration, youth on youth violence, politics, bullying, philanthropy, the search for peace and unleashing the creativity of youth.

Check out Mustafa’s Website to learn more!


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