If I could turn back time

Written by: Sean Brathwaite
About the author:

Sean Brathwaite works with Canada World Youth – a youth focused organization in Canada.  He is delighted to be participating in the two week YCI CSI Innovation project in Tanzania.

Sean Brathwhaite-T15-2CSI

  “If I could turn back time”…kept playing over and over in my head after my first day in Zanzibar.  All I could think about was my early childhood years in Barbados.   It felt like only yesterday I left my birth place, instead of nearly forty years ago.  Everything seemed the same…the house, the dala dalas, the chickens, the fruit trees, even the lingo -“I’m going to Town,” “Up the road, down the road,” “Going to the shop.” All familiar.

I heard my parents’ voice in my conscience telling me to turn off the lights, don’t waste the water, waste not, want not.  It reminded me of a simpler life.

I realized I have a very cushy life Canada, maybe too cushy.  I questioned myself about my wants and needs.  What do I really want?  What do I really need?  I do not know.  I do not miss television, cable, reliable electricity or hot water.  I deal  without blinking an eye.  My time in Tanzania keeps reminding me that “It’s the simple things in life that counts.”

Hakuna Matata – no worries.


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