Tammy in Ghana: Update from her Innovator Placement

My first few weeks in Accra have given me a small taste of West Africa. As I write, I sit hear listening to the sounds of this city. Vehicles constantly honking and horns of food vendors layered on voices from churches and schools. This organized chaos of sights and sounds has quickly become familiar in my few short weeks here.  I spent the first few weeks acquainting myself with the city and partner organization with which I work, YES-Ghana.

YES-Ghana is a youth empowerment NGO with its head office in Accra and networks across Ghana. I am working from this office to conduct research within the organization. The work I am doing focuses around building functionality and capacity, which will aid the organization in sustainability and effectiveness. My work focuses less on program delivery, and more on effectively managing the structures and organization, which works to deliver the programs. Over the past few weeks, I have been working with the partner to establish a capacity building work plan. This plan outlines some of the possible future undertakings of the organization to make sure it is functioning at full capacity in its operations and programming. During the remainder of my time here, I will work with the staff at YES-Ghana to create personnel policies and other manuals to guide this NGO.

Working within the partner office has given me a unique perspective on the operation of a non-profit in a developing country. Through this complete submersion into the operations, I remain keenly aware of the difficulties of development and non-profit work. However, the value in what is being done far outweighs the difficulty. I hope that in the next stages of my placement and the placement of those who will carry out the implementation of the remainder of the work-plan with YES-Ghana, functional and operational sustainability for the partner organization and the youth it serves will be achieved.

-Tammy Lambert, Youth Innovator, Tanzania 2010 and Ghana 2011

YCI is currently recruiting for a Small Business Development Innovator Team in Tanzania this Winter. Applications are due on Monday October 24th.