Our 25/25 Sponsor: Melanie Riddell

After graduating from university in May 1999 Melanie was looking for a way to see more of the world and help those in need before going the local work force. Her experiences with YCI were just what she was looking for! Costa Rica was an amazing eye opening experience. She stayed with a local family and helped the community build a much needed health post. She lived for two months without electricity or a flush toilet, and two hours from the closest telephone.  Melanie found herself completely immersed in the local culture and her own groupimage1 image2

Two years later in February 2001, Melanie decided to go to another volunteer trip. This time she went to Vanuatu which was just as amazing! She worked with a small community who welcomed everyone with open arms and participated in a number of small health and sanitation projects.  Both experiences were life changing and resulted in life long friendships. She would (and has) recommended to YCI to anyone looking for a way to expand their horizons of the world; give back in a small, but meaningful, way; and to have an adventure of a lifetime.



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