The YCI Office Magical Mystery Tour

Hi all, my name is Gabe Camozzi.  I just started working with YCI in the fall, and moved here from my home in Montreal to do so.

In the months since moving here I have become enamored with Toronto’s ‘lovable quirks’ and feel very at home here.  I come from a town famous for yelling and bad driving, but Toronto is very competitive on this front.  I am also discovering the ‘local flavor’ in terms of some favorite community events – the York University student union strike, the making of loud noises outside my window on Queen St West early every Sunday morning, and, of course, Monster Jam.

Since I’m new to Toronto I thought it might be a good idea to show you one of my favorite parts of the city, up-close-and-personal: the YCI office.

notice the sneaky way I included the YCI URL in this one?

notice the sneaky way I included the YCI URL in this one?

Here is one of the first landmarks you see when you enter the office – our pet plants Kofi and Ban.  You’ll notice they aren’t doing well; I guess that’s why we’re not called Plant Challenge International.

tableHere is YCI’s Ghost Advisory Council, hard at work.  That’s our ghost chairperson with the pink stationary, making an important point about deliverables.

langstromDon’t be fooled – this isn’t Elvis!  It’s just our recent hire, Langstrom, getting ready for his part-time job after work.  Langstrom has a few things to learn about being an Elvis Impersonator (he isn’t even wearing blue suede shoes!), but please support him if you see him on Queen St.

DoorOur sign and our door, located on the third floor of 20 Maud – challenging youth to climb two flights of stairs at this location since 2001.

pillarI have difficulty with this pillar.  Kick it, yell at it, call it names, it still won’t move.  Plus, it makes it hard to practice my personal blend of pilates and high-kick gymnastics in the office.

Well, that is about everything I can show you for now!  If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the office, you should check out some of our projects online at our website, .  Thanks for stopping in!


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